Juvederm™ is a soft, pliable and durable hyaluronic acid filler that provides natural and long lasting results. It is available in various forms to meet each individual need to restore volume, smooth, contour and sculpt facial features for a natural, youthful outcome.

Dr. van Aardt is one of the highest ranked Juvederm™ physicians in Canada. Through years of experience and thousands of treatments, he has developed unique approaches to improve results and minimize side effects.

Juvederm Ultra

Our best selling dermal filler in our medi-spa in Truro, Nova Scotia is Juvederm® Ultra with lidocaine. The combination increases comfort during the treatment.

Juvederm® Ultra can be used to:

  • smooth wrinkles and lines
  • restore volume to your cheeks
  • plump up your lips

The biodegradable formula restores hyaluronic acid to your lower skin layers and facial tissues, fighting the effects of aging by adding volume and hydrating your skin from within.

It provides excellent results that typically last 8 to 12 months.

Juvederm® Voluma

Juvederm® Voluma is used for deeper volume correction. It’s often a better choice if you want to fill out a large portion of your face or if the amount of volume loss is substantial – such as after a significant weight loss.

Juvederm® Voluma is particularly effective as an anti-aging treatment. It can:

  • smooth out jowls
  • firm up your jawline
  • recreate the appearance of high, youthful cheekbones

The result is a soft, youthful balance to your face. Best of all, the results last about 18 months or longer.

Dermal fillers like Juvederm™ can be combined with Botox for a more complete treatment called Soft-Lift.

Juvederm® Volbella

It’s lip service on a whole new level.

Juvederm VOLBELLA is the latest breakthrough in fillers. The amazing results you get from Vobella treatments can be expected to last up to a year, twice as long as the current filler trends! Unlike fillers from the past, Volbella is less hydrophilic–it doesn’t attract water, meaning less swelling & lower risk of bruising after your treatment.

Beneficial beyond gently restoring lip volume, Volbella defines lip borders by enhancing areas like the “cupid’s bow” softly & naturally. It also helps smooth lines & wrinkles around the lips & chin areas.

For information on Juvederm™, visit the manufacturer’s site www.juvederm.ca