What it can do for you

Sculptra® is an innovative dermal filler that helps your face naturally become:

  • fuller
  • smoother
  • more youthful

It causes lines and wrinkles to diminish and folds to regain a more youthful appearance. This non-surgical option offers impressive long lasting results.

How it works

Sculptra® is derived from fruit acid and naturally stimulates your skin and underlying tissues to produce collagen. This safe and biodegradable material boosts your body’s ability to combat aging.

Meeting your needs

Typically, three to four treatments will produce results that last 2 years – and even longer for some individuals.

Because Sculptra® works with your facial tissues, the results are gradual and natural. Repeated treatments, typically 1 month apart, increase the effect, providing further improvements in the look of the skin. The results can be enhanced by combining Sculptra® with Botox®, IPL and laser, as well as appropriate skin care.

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