medical aesthetics team

Aundrea Ritchie,
Lead Nurse and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Aundrea Trevors

Aundrea Trevors started working with Dr Van Aardt in 2011 and has over a decade of experience and knowledge in health care. Aundrea’s passion for non-surgical cosmetic medicine has grown into a blossoming business, Aundrea Nurse Incorporated, and fueled her desire to be a leader in the medical aesthetics industry. With a soft, artistic touch that creates effortlessly beautiful results that enhance each patient’s natural features, Aundrea is a sought-after cosmetic injector who consistently delivers safe, beautiful, and desirable outcomes.

Aundrea is an active member of the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia, the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, the Canadian Nurses Association, and the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses. She also sits on the board of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses where she assists in education and organizes training and labs for over 100 members.

cosmetic injector

Melissa Brabant,
Registered Aesthetic Nurse and Physicians Assistant

With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, first as a stylist and salon owner, then as a registered nurse, Melissa Brabant, RN, BScN, complements our medical team with strong creative flare and business sense. Melissa brings her artistic eye, caring approach, and love of nursing to every client, improving their self-confidence and making them feel safe and comfortable. Her approachable personality and enthusiasm for the medical cosmetic field makes Melissa a valuable member of our team.

Melissa’s commitment to staying current in this ever-changing industry ensures her patients receive a superior standard of care throughout their aesthetic journey. With a background in Neonatal Intensive Care, she is able to seamlessly transition her skills to her role with Dr. van Aardt, maintaining high safety standards and the utmost professionalism.

Melissa Brabant

Carina van Aardt

From the very beginning, Carina and Renier van Aardt have worked as a team. Together, they’ve built a practice that started in their home family practice clinic with a modest menu of laser treatments, Botox, and dermal fillers into a multi-location system of MediSpas offering a full slate of cosmetic medical procedures.

Carina has a diploma in mercantile law, financial accounting, practiced aesthetics and is also a certified diamond grader. She has garnered invaluable skills throughout her career to help Renier set up and manage his practice while taking care of the all-important administrative and business aspects. Carina not only stood by Renier through the challenges of medical school and his early years of practice, she has worked as a receptionist, aesthetician, and laser technician in their clinic while raising four children and managing multiple relocations. The van Aardts are especially proud of their new clinic in Truro, where Carina served as the project manager and developed the unique and beautiful interior design. Carina remains active in a managerial capacity and supports the amazing team at Truro MediSpa.

Carina van Aardt